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The Art of Enchantment with Guy Kawasaki at #BoldFusion Cincinnati

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I’ve had the opportunity to hear Guy speak a number of times, and was even at a party at his house a few years ago.  This year I had the opportunity to hear him talk about Enchantment at #BoldFusion in Cincinnati.  Enchantment can help businesses and individuals influence other people.

1. Achieve Likability

  • Smile like you mean it
  • Accept others for who they are
  • Default to “yes” and think about how you can help the other person

2. Achieve Trustworthiness

If they like you but don’t trust you, you can influence them.

  • Trust others before you expect them to trust you
  • Give people a reason to trust you (for example the Zappos return policy)
  • Bake don’t ea
  • Eaters think that there is only so much food
  • Bakers think that they can create more – there is enough for everyone
  • The world isn’t a zero sum game
  • Agree on Something
  • Find commonalities and Build Common Ground
  • Things that we agree on bonds us and builds trust

3. Perfect

  • Have great stuff
  • Make great products that are Deep, Intelligent, Complete, Empowering, Elegant

4. Launch

  • Tell a story – stop using stupid words that don’t mean anything – everyone does that
  • People can remember the story
  • Plant many seeds so that many people embrace your products
  • Nobodys are the new somebodies
  • Don’t focus only on A listers
  • Use salient points – explain things in terms that people understand – for example 300 calories = running 3 miles
  • Don’t talk about dollars, talk about what the dollars buy – focus on the things that people care about, the benefit

5. Overcome Resistance

  • Create smart strategies to overcome resistance that people may have
  • Provide social proof – knowing that our friends do something makes us more likely to do it
  • Use a dataset to prove and change a mindset
  • Enchant all of the influencers
  • Build an ecosystem – customers, developers, resellers, user groups, websites, blogs, online special interest groups, conferences and more
  • Invoke reciprocation – do something for someone and they will feel obligated to return the favor
  • The best response when someone thanks you is “I know that you would do the same for me” – which puts the person on notice that you may ask for something in the future
  • When someone owes you a favor, enable them to pay you back
  • Don’t rely on money – passion doesn’t require $$ – it is more powerful if people believe in it

7. Present

  • Customize the beginning of your presentation
  • Be a great presenter and storyteller
  • Create a custom introduction that makes you relatable
  • Sell your dream – know how to sell your enchantment to people
  • 10 slides, 20 minutes, 30 point font

8. Use Technology

  • Remove the speedbumps – make it easy for people to connect with you
  • Provide value – especially in social media
  • Information, insights and assistance make good content
  • Great content opens the door
  • Engage – fast, flat, frequent

9. Enchant Up

  • Enchant your boss by dropping everything when they ask for something
  • Prototype fast – try something quick to show that it is a priority and to get feedback
  • Deliver bad news early
10. Enchant Employees
  • Provide a MAP – Mastery, Autonomy and Purpose
  • Empower employees to do what is right
  • Suck it up – willingness to do dirty jobs is enchanting

RESULT: Resisting  You is Futile 😉

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