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Innovation with Meaning

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The digital non-conference conference put on by the AdClub Cincinnati session “Digital Technology Goes Beyond the Computer Screen, Way Beyond” talked about new technologies, but the “money” of the session was about when, why and how to use innovative technologies.

Check out this video from SNL with the interactive Mega Map:

Don’t Innovate for Innovations sake.

Chris Heile, VP of Advertising at HyperQuake presented the problem and questions to ask when looking for a solution.

The Problem

Marketers have created an economy of abundance

Consumers want to consume media when and where they choose

Consumers are choosing not to be advertised to, and for the first time technology is enabling this (DRV, BitTorrents, ITunes, etc)

Brands need to ad value with their marketing. The marketing needs to ad value, not just the product.

Finding the Solution

How can marketing add real value to the lives of consumers?

Provide things like: status, information, rewards, exclusivity, access, etc

What is the consumer passionate about that relates to your product? How can you interact with them in a meaningful way around this passion?

How can technology provide unique value? Pretend that anything is possible.

In a world with so many products and where consumers are accosted by so many messages in so many mediums, it is important for marketers to really ad value.

What do you think?

Anyone have examples of companies doing this right? What are the next big technologies that will enable consumer interactions?

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